Black Friday - Are you Ready

November 26th, Black Friday – the day people fight over televisions in the supermarket. 😆

Are you ready?

Whilst many believe the day is a gimmick and that folk go a bit too wild for a bargain, it’s actually a great day for eCommerce businesses to look at increasing revenue, acquiring new customers and clearing stock.

It is estimated that traffic can be up to 10x more on Black Friday, so it’s worthwhile planning NOW!

How can I plan for Black Friday?

⚫ Decide which product lines you want to reduce and by how much. In Magento 2 you can pre-define promotional rules and have these in place before the day. Make sure to test these to ensure they work before sale day.

⚫ Ensure that your server can handle higher volumes of traffic.

⚫ Offer different shipping options to your customers. The product you’re selling might be a bargain, but costs can soon mount if a fixed price delivery is added. This can result in abandoned carts.

⚫ Consider implementing a finance option to allow your customers flexible payment options. Research shows that this can increase basket/order value as customers feel they can buy more.

⚫ Publicise your sales through marketing channels (social media, email marketing, radio, tv etc) prior to Black Friday. This can help drive traffic to your site on the day.

⚫ Showcase other popular top selling, full priced items on your site as this may encourage impulse buys from your customer.

And don’t forget 3 days after Black Friday it’s Cyber Monday, it’s usually a continuation of sales and offers for online shoppers. It’s probably a good idea to run your deals over the course of the entire weekend and take advantage of the surge in online shoppers who want a great deal before Christmas.

If you need any help with your online shop in the lead up to the big sale event, please get in touch or call us on 01484 506220.

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