Social Media Marketing & Management

Helping you to achieve brand exposure, drive website traffic and build campaign awareness.

Social media is an all too often forgotten part of the marketing mix. When implemented correctly, a social marketing campaign can offer huge benefits to businesses of all sizes.

In today’s Facebook & Instagram society, a visit to your social media page might be the first place a potential customer looks to find your business. If your page is lacking, or non-existent then this looks bad, whether or not you have a great business, or flashy website becomes irrelevant.

Working across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, our team can develop a social media campaign that targets your customer base, striking the correct tone of voice, and blend between business and social postings that helps your social presence to flourish.

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Social Media & Pay Per Click

An important, albeit often missed aspect of social media platforms is that most have a business advertiser programme, which allows us to target platform users via carefully created campaigns, and to re-market to customers who have viewed your products/services.

Whether you drive advertisement traffic back to your social profiles to grow your community, or to your website, pay per click advertising on social media is an excellent complementary service to run alongside your posts.

Facebook in particular has a wealth of demographic data, that can empower your online advertisements, enabling us to create targeted audiences that improve ROI.

Even platforms that don’t offer a business page/account often have advertising options, and in the case of Snapchat or TikTok, these provide an appropriate means to target a younger audience. 

Social Media Management
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