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Shopify LogoShopify offer a hosted subscription based approach to ecommerce. Choose the right plan for your business and pay monthly or annually to make a small saving. With options to upscale or downgrade packages, it’s a good middle ground between self hosted platforms, like Magento 2 & WooCommerce.    

Shopify caters for businesses of all sizes and features a highly intuitive administration panel for tasks such as product updates, order processing and general changes to layout and styles via its theming system.

Shopify has a wide choice of addons, which enable you to customise your ecommerce website to help convert visitors into customers. 

From a marketing view, shopify can integrate seamlessly with a variety of 3rd party marketplaces such as Google Merchant Centre, Amazon and Ebay.

Over a million businesses use Shopify, could you be next?

Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify Case Study - Fit n Fly

London based fashion retailer, Fit n Fly, contacted us requiring help with their Shopify ecommerce store. Whilst they had initiated the setup and implemented a theme themselves, it wasn’t exactly the look they wanted.

Carrying out research of the market and having worked with other designer fashion retailers, we were well aware of the direction in which the website needed to head. With this on board, we set to work, tidying up the all important header sections, improving the visibility of key information and implementing a better defined navigation structure.

From our research and looking at the Fit n Fly website’s analytical data it was apparent that mobile usage was high. We spent considerable time ensuring that the website was mobile compliant in order to convert.

Fit n Fly Shopify
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