Klaviyo Email Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, drive sales, and build lasting relationships, especially in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. This case study delves into the success story of our client, who, with our assistance and expertise, experienced remarkable results using Klaviyo Email Marketing. In just seven months, we have transformed their email marketing communications into a revenue-generating powerhouse, attributing over £98,000 in additional revenue. Whilst Email marketing wasn’t a new digital avenue for this client, previous in-house attempts at promoting via this method, hadn’t been as successful as expected and had ultimately dropped in the list of marketing priorities.

Klaviyo Email Marketing – What is it?

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Klaviyo is a robust email marketing platform designed to empower businesses with advanced automation and segmentation capabilities. Known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Klaviyo enables businesses to create targeted and personalised email campaigns. With its intuitive design and data-driven approach, Klaviyo allows marketers to optimise their communication strategies for better engagement and increased conversions.

Automated Email Flows

Understanding the importance of timely and relevant communication, we have implemented a series of automated email flows for our client. Automated email flows are pre-set sequences of emails triggered by specific actions or events. Examples of these flows include abandoned basket emails, welcome series, and VIP nurturing campaigns.

Abandoned Basket Emails: These automated emails are triggered when a customer adds products to their cart but leaves the website without completing the purchase. Our strategically crafted messages encouraged customers to return and complete their purchase, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.

Welcome Series: The welcome series is crucial for establishing a positive first impression. By providing a series of informative and engaging emails to new subscribers, we effectively nurture relationships from the start, leading to higher customer retention rates.

VIP Nurturing Campaigns: Targeting high-value customers with exclusive offers and personalised content, VIP nurturing campaigns strengthen loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Encouraging these customers to make additional purchases to hit the next price band/loyalty level is also an excellent method to increase sales.

Timely Targeted Email Campaigns

In addition to automated flows, we implemented timely targeted email campaigns to drive immediate results. Leveraging Klaviyo’s list and segments features, we ensured that each campaign resonated with the correct demographic, presenting them with relevant products and enticing offers. Noteworthy campaigns include Flash Sales, Christmas promotions, Black Friday coverage, and New Product updates.

Flash Sales: Urgency and exclusivity were key elements of our flash sales campaigns. By creating a sense of urgency through limited-time offers reinforced with countdown timers and clear messaging, we successfully drove conversions and increased revenue during these short but impactful sales events.

Christmas and Black Friday Campaigns: Capitalising on the Christmas season and shopping frenzies, our targeted campaigns during Christmas and Black Friday garnered exceptional results.

New Product Updates: Launching new products is always an exciting opportunity, and our targeted email campaigns effectively generated buzz and sales. By segmenting the audience based on preferences and purchase history, we ensured that customers received information about products most likely to interest them.

Key Performance Metrics within Klaviyo

Over the past seven months targeted email campaigns and automated flows achieved outstanding results for our client. The key performance metrics, including Average Cart Size, Click Rate, Average Order Value, and Average Order Count, all marked as excellent, reflect the success of the implemented strategies.

Average Cart Size: The average size of each order increased significantly, showcasing the effectiveness of our personalised and targeted campaigns in influencing customer purchasing behaviour.

Click Rate: Our email campaigns consistently achieved high click rates, indicating that the content resonated well with the audience and encouraged them to take action.

Average Order Value: The average order value experienced a notable increase, demonstrating the success of our strategies in encouraging customers to spend more per transaction.

Average Order Count: Through our automated flows and targeted campaigns, we not only increased the value of individual orders but also encouraged customers to make multiple purchases, contributing to overall revenue growth.

Maintaining Low Spam and Unsubscribe Rates

One of the key factors in the success of our clients email marketing strategy is the low spam and unsubscribe rates. DTF Digital credits this success to the meticulous use of Klaviyo’s List and Segments feature. By ensuring that emails were targeted to the right audience, we minimised the likelihood of subscribers marking emails as spam or opting out of future communications.

List Growth Strategies

We understand the importance of continually expanding the email subscriber list. Through strategic placement of email signup forms on the client’s eCommerce website and suggesting incentivising signups, we ensured a steady stream of new contacts. Additionally, we see the benefit of capitalising on events, encouraging targeted signups and tailoring communication to keep subscribers engaged.

Event Signups: By promoting email signups at events, we not only increased the number of subscribers but also established a connection with individuals genuinely interested in the client’s products. These event-specific signups received relevant information, maintaining their interest and engagement.

Incentives: To boost signups, we occasionally offer incentives such as discounts or exclusive access to promotions. This approach not only attracts new subscribers but also encourages them to become active customers.

Impressive List Growth Results

In the past seven months, our focus on list growth has yielded outstanding results. This particular client has experienced a remarkable 127% increase in the number of subscribers, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategies in expanding the reach of their email marketing efforts.

Klaviyo Email Marketing with DTF Digital

Klaviyo Partner

The success of this particular client’s email marketing journey with DTF Digital, highlights the power of Klaviyo Email Marketing, when combined with strategic automated flows and targeted campaigns. The impressive £98,000 in attributed revenue over just seven months reflects the effectiveness of a well-crafted and data-driven approach to email marketing. From automated flows that nurture and convert, to timely targeted campaigns that capitalise on key moments, the results speak for themselves.

We continue to be dedicated to optimising and evolving our clients’ email marketing strategies, leveraging tools like Klaviyo to drive success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We continue to keep up to date with Klaviyo’s offerings and training courses provided to us, as an Official Klaviyo Partner.

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