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Portcullis Site Services

Quality design, installation and service of loading bay equipment to clients across the UK.

The Project

Portcullis Site Services recognised that they needed to digitise some of their business processes, in order to provide a faster, more streamlined experience for their customers and engineers out in the field.  Previously, engineers reports were hand written, which added extra processing into the mix. Now, reports on breakdowns, services and installations are all entered into a web based system using tablet/mobile devices, meaning that results are instantly available at head office.

The system is bespoke, and features a user friendly dashboard system which empowers the Portcullis team to quickly and efficiently carry out their day to day roles. Completed work can be signed off on-site, with copies of work reports sent back to the customer for immediate review.

Portcullis Site Services
  • Bespoke Web Application
  • Dashboard System
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Managed Hosting
Portcullis Site Services
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