World Backup Day

World Backup Day highlights the importance of backing up your data. Whether it’s files, photos or your website. It’s is promoted every year on 31st March.

Our hosting services provide our clients with the reassurance that should the worst happen, we’ve got you covered. Performing daily file and database backups to the cloud, in most cases, or as much as hourly in others.

Why is it important to Backup a website?

It’s important to perform regular website backups to protect your business for a variety of reasons such as cyber attacks, system failure or user error.

These days, your website is often a mission critical part of your business, whether it’s online sales, leads/enquiries or a cloud client relationship management (CRM) system. Losing your website for any length of time can therefore be disastrous. Having secure off-site backups, and an effective recovery plan should the unfortunate happen will help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

How often should I backup my website?

How often you should backup largely depends on the business, however with the advent of cloud backup and long term file storage solutions it makes sense to back up as frequently as you can. Most hosting providers should be able to automate the task for you.

We backup our servers daily – at a minimum – and store our offsite backups for around a week. On larger eCommerce websites or systems that have a high turnover of data then we’d recommend backing up the database for example more frequently than this. Our clients can rest assured that we’ve got their back.

Don’t neglect your recovery plan!

Conducting regular backups is unarguably very important. Having a plan in the event something happens to your website is of equal importance but in many cases neglected. Being able to access your backups, and having a clear, tried and tested plan in place to restore websites if they do go down is vital.

Our cloud infrastructure allows us to restore to any of these backup points with a click of a button. In the event that an automatic restoration failed we also have dedicated support that can manually retrieve and restore these files.

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