Tweeting with Consideration

Social Media Platform, Twitter, have launched two new features over the past week, Twitter Spaces and Tweeting with Consideration. Whilst some of you may already have access to these, Twitter are conducting a phased rollout to its users, so don’t worry if you can’t yet see them!

So what’s Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is one of the new features released this week. It allows users to have live audio conversations. It allows you to create a space and become a host. Users can tap into and join as a listener to your Twitter Space, even if they don’t follow you. The Space host can request up to 11 participants to speak and authorise listeners to speak if requested. Once a space has ended, there is no record of the conversation held publicly on the social media site.

What else is new?

Something which has been in the pipeline since 2020 from Twitter, is also being rolled out this week. Tweeting with Consideration – It prompts the user to reconsider their post, when replying to tweets, if the reply is deemed to be insensitive or rude. Tweets that include strong language, hurtful remarks or insults will all trigger the new feature. The idea behind this, to make users re-consider their replies and “be kind”. Testing undertaken of this features has shown that it can help encourage more meaningful conversations between Twitter users.

There has been a large amount of testing gone into the Tweeting with Consideration algorithm. After initial feedback it was suggested that prompts were often unnecessary. After more work on this the feature can usually distinguish if the response is sarcastic or just friendly banter.

Twitter found from its research:

  • If prompted, 34% of people revised their initial reply or decided to not send their reply at all.
  • After being prompted once, people composed, on average, 11% fewer offensive replies in the future.
  • If prompted, people were less likely to receive offensive and harmful replies back.

Another improvement made to the social media platform this week has involved making single images alongside tweets bigger. It’s also been announced that Tip Jar will be rolled out to users soon, which is a new way to give and receive money through Twitter.

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