Twitter Notes has been announced and put into testing by social media platform Twitter. The new feature allows users to write blog style articles with a 2,500 word limit. Users will also be able to add photos, videos GIFs and Tweets.

Tweeters will still be able to publish their usual 280 character limited tweets, but with the introduction of Twitter Notes it allows individuals to share more in depth content and ideas. It is the first time character length has been addressed, since the doubling of its character count, from 140 to 280 back in November 2017.

The new feature will limit the need to link out to external content, which can sometimes drive traffic away from the Twitter platform. It can also create issues for users, who have to maintain a separate blog/website due to character limits. Another huge change with the introduction of Twitter Notes is the ability to edit notes. Could this mean the edit functionality is also coming to tweets soon?

Twitter Notes, when can I use it?

Twitter Notes has gone into testing with a select demographic, specifically writers from Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The testing phase will last around 2 months, with feedback being collated over this period. Once analysed, the new feature may undergo alterations, before being unveiled to the general public. At this moment Twitter has not announced an official launch date


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