Twitter have now announced their “mute” button which will function across it’s website and iOS & Android apps.

The feature was spotted earlier in May when some users reported seeing the feature appear in their mobile apps.

The mute feature prevents a users tweets (including re-tweets replies and favourites) from appearing in your timeline. The user will never know that you have muted them (although they might well think you a bit rude if they are engaging with you and you don’t reply) and can be turned off at any point. – Particularly useful if there is an event, or live-tweet taking place that you don’t have any particular interest in.

We are expecting the feature to be fully rolled out over the next few weeks. For those of you who already have the feature, you can mute someone on the website as follows:

From a tweet: Click the more button at the bottom of the tweet, then click mute.

From a profile: Go to the profile page of your target user. Click the gear icon on their page, select mute.

Mute a Twitter User

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