Twitter Fleets

Twitter are currently testing their new feature “fleets” where published content disappears after a period of time.

In a similar move to Instagram Stories, Twitter Fleets, named due to the content’s fleeting nature, will be accessible for 24 hours and then disappear. Made popular in 2013 by Snapchat, content that is only available for a short period, took social media users by storm. Consequently this was quickly replicated by other platforms. It’s pretty safe to safe Twitter are a bit late to the game.

It’s been announced that Twitter users will access Fleets buy tapping other users profile pictures. They will be able to react to the content via direct message. Fleets will not be retweeted or liked. It’s like they were never there.

Where is it being rolled out?

The trial of Fleets is being rolled out to users in Brazil. It is hoped that it will soon be launched across the world to users in other countries. We can’t wait to get access. We quite like a tweet to tell the world how we are feeling and what we are up to.

In a survey carried out by Twitter, users explained how they felt more comfortable sharing everyday feelings and comments, knowing that they would be removed after the initial time period. It’s all too easy to post something in haste, something that you might regret later. At least Fleets will allow you to forget that you were having a bad day 3 years ago!

Why is Twitter implementing “Fleets”?

The idea behind the introduction of the new feature is to bring Twitter in line with other social media platforms. It also aims to make the platform more user friendly and to clean up posted content. The changes are hoped to appeal to a new wave of users.

Tweeting is so last year, it’s all about the Fleeting now, but you’ll have to be quick!

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