TikTok is releasing a new screen time limit for users under 18. If the daily 1 hour screen time limit is reached, users will have to enter a passcode to continue using the social media platform.

The new feature is being introduced in a bid to reduce screen time amongst its teen users. It is being rolled out to those eligible over the next few weeks.

TikTok 1hr screen limit – I don’t want it

TikTok users will be able to opt-out of the new feature. That said, the social media platform is aiming to help users aged between 13-18 manage their screen time. The new feature acts as a reminder that enough time has been spent browsing online videos. Alongside the 1hr reminder, users will receive a weekly recap notification, indicating how long they have spent on TikTok that week.

Parents/Guardians using “Family Pairing” can set their own limits on their child’s social media screen time on the app. Alongside this they will also receive a breakdown on the amount of time being spent on the app by their children.

Anyone who opts out of the new feature, but continues to spend over 100minutes a day on the platform, will be prompted to set their own screen time control limits.

Why is the TikTok Screen Limit being introduced?

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. Aimed at the under 35s this popular platform is used for fun videos and ads. However TikTok can become very addictive, especially when teamed with algorithms, pushing content to users based on their previous viewing history.

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