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We’re a Google Ads Agency driving traffic to your site to generate more sales & enquiries with effective PPC campaigns.

Google Ads Agency

Gain high intent, paid traffic to your website, using the most preferred global ad platform

Whilst organic traffic with a number 1 search position is the pipe dream for all businesses, regardless of how long a website has existed, or how optimised its pages are for SEO, it is inevitable that gaps exist in its search visibility. 

By using appropriate advertisement tools provided by Google, we can boost your traffic with targeted pay per click display, text or performance max campaigns, that bring the right visitors to your website, at the right time. A number of options are available to suit each business model, from traditional paid text or display advertisements, to more comprehensive adverts that include extensions such as phone numbers, web addresses and site links.

Google’s innovative Merchant Product Listing Ad’s (PLA), or Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partners, when combined with Google Ads, are are able to match potential customers to your product range, and perhaps more importantly, directly to your product landing page – Resulting in better sales/conversion rates.

Worlds preferred ad platform

Undoubtedly the most popular global ad platform for paid advertisements.

Work to your budget

With flexible tools that enable you to manage your daily or monthly budget requirements.

Works with any platform

Google Ads works with any content managed website / eCommerce platform to drive sales.

eCommerce Focused Google Merchant Center Integrations

eCommerce platforms can integrate with Google Shopping / Merchant Center, and the  worlds top 3 platforms – Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce – are no exception.

With out-of-the-box integrations, or via highly customisable extensions, we can create product and inventory feeds that integrate seamlessly with your platform.

What this means, is that your eCommerce website acts as the definitive information source, and whenever new products are added, or existing products are updated or removed, your data feed is automatically updated, reducing the man hours required to keep on top of your Google advertising.

Our team are experts at linking your product database to Google Merchant Center and the management of your product focused shopping campaigns, providing monthly reports on your campaign successes and opportunities.

Google Merchant Magento 2

eCommerce Services

Our support doesn’t stop once your website has launched. We offer a range of complementary services for your new or existing eCommerce website to keep the wheels in motion.

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