Segment, automate and communicate with eCommerce email marketing

Email marketing for eCommerce is an important addition to your marketing mix. It’s a great way to engage with your customers, and to re-engage with lapsed customers. It can be used to promote your online shop offers, make your customers feel extra special through targeted incentives and reduce basket abandonment, to name a few.

Email Marketing Platforms

Making your email marketing communications work harder with data intelligence.

Whether it’s promoting your products or services, or automating marketing messages, email marketing is a cost effective, useful marketing and communications tool that should be part of any business strategy.

An organically built list, can generate up to 38x the cost of send-out, offering a potentially significant return on investment than other popular online marketing and traditional print solutions.

With over 5 billion active email users, nearly all web users have access to an email account, and combined with the correct email marketing tools, we can deliver very tangible, quantifiable campaigns, providing piece of mind that your investment is well placed.

Progression within email software allows us to create complex automation’s, delivering pre-defined emails to new and existing subscribers based on user engagement, and segmentation. For larger subscriber lists we can run A/B split tests, enabling on-the-fly conversion testing for optimum performance.

Up to 38x ROI

An organically list has the potential to generate up to 38 times the cost of send-out.

Data Intelligence

Gain invaluable insights into your customer by combining your external data sources.

Automate & Repeat

Automations can help to win back clients, on-board new visitors and build consumer confidence.

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo is a fantastic piece of software for SME’s to use to market their business, and with integrations with most popular content management systems (WordPress, Magento etc) it can provide a seamless experience from subscription, to inbox, for your customers.

Advanced features such as segmentation, GDPR consent and email automation allow you to effectively manage your subscribers, and for us to create a range of well designed, well delivered email campaigns.

We’ve been awarded Klaviyo Partner status and have undertaken their comprehensive training programme in order to deliver our customers the best possible results. 

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Klaviyo Email Marketing Success
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Klaviyo Email Marketing Success – Case Study

Klaviyo Email Marketing, alongside our assistance and expertise has recently helped one of our clients attain £98,000+ in additional revenue in just seven months! Find out more about Klaviyo and how your business can power smarter digital relationships.
Klaviyo Benefits
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Klaviyo Email Marketing – What are the benefits?

Klaviyo has a range of features that make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. It is specifically designed to help e-commerce businesses grow their sales and revenue by delivering tailored messages to customers at the right time.

eCommerce Services

Our support doesn’t stop once your website has launched. We offer a full range of complementary services for your new or existing eCommerce website to keep the wheels in motion.

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