After the launch of Instagram Reels back in August 2020, Instagram’s latest feature, Reels Visual Replies, allows users to reply to comments on posts with a Reel. Users who choose to reply to a comment on a post can choose to reply via a Reel, using the Reels button which will pop up as a sticker.

With the popularity of video content within social media growing, the changes are not to dissimilar to Instagram competitors, Tik Tok’s, video replies feature.

The introduction of the technology allows users to interact with their followers in new ways, keeping content fresh and alongside several other new features, keeps the platform exciting and engaging for its users.

What is a Reel?

Instagram Reels allows you to create fun videos, to share with friends, or anyone, on Instagram. You can record 15 second “multi-clip” videos, and add audio + effects using their new creative tools. Reels is dubbed to allow anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram, and to reach new audiences.

How do I use the Reels Visual Replies?

After posting a Reel on Instagram, you can reply to the comments using the Reels Visual Replies. Simply select a comment and click reply. As the reply textbox opens, there is now at the left hand side, a Reels icon, allowing you to create your reply within a Reel.

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