The secret boards now allow you to showcase ideas and images in private to those who you wish. You are allowed to create up to 3 secret boards, however you can be invited to others secret boards without having any effect on your limit.

First way to create a secret board

1. Click Add+ at the top right-hand toolbar on Pinterest
2. Select Create a Board
3. Give your board a name, say who can pin, toggle the Secret setting to ON. This makes your board secret.

Second way to create a secret board

1. From bottom of your profile click the empty board that says Create a Secret Board
2. When the pop-up appears, give your board a name and say who can pin. The Secret setting will already be toggled to ON—this means your board is secret.

Adding contributors to your secret board
1. On the secret board’s settings page, go to the section titled “Who can pin?”
2. Type in the first and last name of the person you would like to add as a contributor or type in their email address. You can invite people you follow on Pinterest and your Facebook friends too.
3. Potential matches to this name will begin to load; when you see the person you want, click their name.
4. Click Invite.
To make a secret board visible to everyone:
1. Go to your secret board
2. Click Edit Board
3. Turn your secret setting to OFF
Remember once you make a board visible to everyone you can’t change it back into a secret board, you also can’t make exisiting boards secret.
Information sourced from Pinterest
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