Netty Awards 2024 Winner

We’re delighted to have won a Netty Awards 2024 for for Small Agency of the Year UK

The 2024 Netty Awards, celebrating achievements in the digital age, stand as one of the most trusted accolades in the industry. This year, DTF Digital, a multi-award-winning ecommerce agency, has been crowned the Small Agency of the Year UK at the Netty Awards 2024. This prestigious honour highlights their outstanding contributions to the digital landscape and places them among elite company, including past winners like Quickbooks, Spotify, Duolingo, and eBay. These industry giants have set high standards for digital innovation and excellence, and DTF Digital’s inclusion in this list solidifies their position as one of the top eCommerce agencies in the UK.

Netty Awards 2024 Judging

The Netty Awards, known for their stringent and comprehensive evaluation process, honour top leaders and companies across a variety of verticals with over 100 unique categories. Each submission is meticulously judged by a panel of industry experts who evaluate entries based on merit, innovation, and impact. The criteria for judging vary by category but consistently emphasise innovation, creativity, impact, and overall excellence, with a goal is to ensure a fair and unbiased assessment.

Netty Awards 2024 Triumph for DTF Digital

DTF Digital’s victory as Small Agency of the Year UK is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction as well as their drive and passion towards all things digital. The agency has made significant strides in eCommerce, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies to deliver exceptional results for their clients. Their innovative approach and commitment to their clients have set them apart in a highly competitive industry.

Upon receiving this accolade, DTF Digital proudly displayed their Netty Awards trophy in their office trophy cabinet, serving as a reminder of the hard work, dedication, and expertise that have brought them to this pinnacle of success. Winning the Small Agency of the Year UK category is not just an honour but also an affirmation of DTF Digital’s credibility and significant impact in the digital age.

“We were thrilled to have been nominated for a Netty Award in the first place! We are absolutely ecstatic to be their 2024 Small Agency of the Year UK Winner! It really means a lot, especially with the effort the team put in to help us reach these achievements.”

Ecommerce Multi Award Winners

DTF Digital’s journey to this point has been marked by a series of notable achievements. Their expertise in ecommerce has been recognised through multiple awards, reinforcing their reputation as a leading agency. The Netty Award is a significant addition to their successes, providing further validation of their exceptional work.

DTF Digital’s win at the 2024 Netty Awards as the Small Agency of the Year UK is a remarkable achievement. The Netty Awards’ recognition of their work highlights the agency’s dedication to advancing the field of eCommerce and associated eCommerce marketing.

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