If you have ever used the Magento Index Management (System -> Index management) section within your admin dashboard you will know just how long refreshing the indexes can take, particularly if you run a larger shop.

Login to your your server using SSH, find your magento root folder (probably within httpdocs of public_html), and then jump into the “shell” directory.

Once here you can run each individual process by executing one of the following commands:


  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalog_product_attribute
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalog_product_price
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalog_url
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalog_product_flat
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalog_category_flat
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalog_category_product
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex catalogsearch_fulltext
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex cataloginventory_stock
  • php ./indexer.php -reindex tag_summary

If you wish to re-index everything at once, use the following command:

php ./indexer.php -reindexall

Depending on any Magento extensions you have installed you might have more indexes than the ones listed above. To find out what is available in your installation you can use the following command to pull up a list:

php ./shell/indexer.php info


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