Linkedin has recently updated the business pages, the site now allows you to add a header image to your business page to showcase what you do.

How you can change your header:

1. Go to your business page

2. If your page does not already have an image you will see a yellow bar running across the page stating “Your Company Page will look even better once you add an image. Upload an image now.” click this bar

3. Scroll down to the white blank image section ad click the plus sign “add image”

4. A pop up box will appear allowing you to upload an image. This image will be shown on the page at a size of 646×220 pixels. you can resize your picture to this to ensure you get everything showing that you wish or you can upload a larger size which you can crop through this linkedin uploader at the next stage.

5. Browse for your photo and click upload.

6. If your picture was resized simply click the save button and your new header is set. If you uploaded a larger image you will now see a block that you can move around your image, drag this to the proportion of the image you wish to use as your header image. Once you are happy with the positioning click the save button. Your new header is set.



Magento 2.4.7 is here!
David Pratt

Magento 2.4.7 Has Arrived!

Magento 2.4.7 is set to land, with the latest release due to be launched on Tuesday the 9th of April 2024. The latest updates sees over 150 performance and security fixes as well as platform enhancements and upgrades.
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