Internet Explorer retiring

Microsoft have announced that their internet browser, Internet Explorer (IE), will be retired in 2022 after 26 years of operation.

The platform was extremely popular in the early days of internet browsing. In the early 2000’s was the most popular choice for browsing the world wide web after superseding Netscape. This slowly declined after the release of Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Google Chrome for desktop PCs. As the popularity of mobile devices grew and their technology advanced, IE was further overshadowed by mobile operating systems, such as IOS and android, which do not support the browser.

What will replace Internet Explorer?

IE11 will no longer be available on Microsoft’s version of Windows10 from June 2022 having been replaced with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge claims to offer a much more modern browsing experience, which is faster and more secure.

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Internet Explorer has received no new feature updates since 2016. Microsoft have announced that it will continue to release security patches for the retired browser until at least 2029.

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