A viral tik tok trend has seen young people across the world going to watch the new Minions movie – Minions: The Rise of Gru at the cinema in a suit. Turning up in large groups, the youngsters have been seen mimicking the lead character, Gru’s, famous steepled finger gesture.

Global film producers, Universal Pictures, commended the teens on Twitter, stating “to everyone showing up to @minions in suits: we see you and we love you.”. It offers great publicity for the movie, especially after the film industries struggled throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

However whilst it may seem innocent, other moviegoers have expressed their outraged, due to the fact that some groups have been rowdy, shouting at the screen, throwing food and causing a nuisance for other viewers. One cinema in the UK reported having to refund over £1300 in ticket sales to angry customers who couldn’t hear the film and/or who’s children had been upset by the actions of the so called “Gentleminions”

Due to this many cinemas have now banned its customers from turning up in suits for the film whilst others have cancelled screenings altogether.

@bfmtv S’habiller en costume cravate pour aller voir le film les Minions 2 #minions #costume #gentleminions ♬ son original – BFMTV

Why dress up as a #Gentleminion?

It’s Social Media, It’s Viral and TikTok made me do it!!

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