The currency conversion providers in Magento 2 have unfortunately over time largely stopped working., one of the free options that was available, is one of these that is broken in the current versions of Magento 2.

The service had, since Magento initially create the integration, been moved over to the service. API Layer is a website that houses a multitude of different API’s under one house – with some paid for, and some free API’s amongst the mix.

There are a number of bug reports in Magento for this:

Because of this change, the the constant variable, CURRENCY_CONVERTER_URL within Magento/Directory/Model/Currency/Import/Model/Currency/Import/FixerIoApiLayer.php needs updating, to:{{ACCESS_KEY}}’
        . ‘&base={{CURRENCY_FROM}}&symbols={{CURRENCY_TO}}

Fortunately, a patch file has been recently created (confirmed to work on 2.4.3), which also accounts for a switch from LaminasClient to Zendclient (LaminasClient classes due to be released in an upcoming version update).

Fix this Magento Issue

The patch can be found on gihhub, here:

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