Facebook New Reaction

Social media giant, Facebook, have launched their new reaction. The new “care” reaction has been launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the world.

The new reaction on the Facebook platform depicts a smiley emoji hugging a heart. It’s messenger counterpart is slightly different and is an updated version of the current heart icon. The heart pulsates by default on this new facebook emotion, however this can be changed back to the original heart should you wish.

Why have Facebook launched a new reaction?

Families are unable to spend time with each other, key workers have been supporting the nation, families have been working from home and home-schooling. The new reaction aims to help families and friends feel a little more connected and supported during this difficult time.

The icon can be used to show someone you care, when you might not know the words to use on their Facebook posts.

This is the first new reaction to be added by Facebook since they were initially launched in 2016. It now sits alongside the “like”, “love” “wow” “sad” and “angry” reactions.

How do I see the new reaction?

In order to see the new care reaction users may have to update the app. Computer users may have to logout and re-enter their login details to see the change.

To use the new reaction on a mobile device, simply hold down on the like button underneath a post and select the “care” icon.

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