Charlie bit my finger YouTube video

Charlie bit my finger, one of the most classic viral YouTube videos ever, has sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) for £538,000.

The video, which was uploaded in 2007, has been viewed on YouTube a staggering 884 million times. Since the sale the video has been set to be removed from the YouTube platform, however as of today it is still there. View video

What is a non-fungible (NFT) token?

An NFT is pretty much a certificate to prove you own something digital. It is increasing in popularity, especially in the digital art world.

Zoe Kleinman, BBC Tech Reporter
“An NFT is a bit like a collectible certificate of authenticity, but its owner does not actually buy the copyright itself – meaning the artwork the NFT represents can still be shown wherever the original artist or creator chooses.

Buyers choose to invest in NFTs for a number of reasons, including nostalgia – but whether this turns out to be an investment with long-term potential, or just a temporary craze, remains to be seen.”

Recent NFT’s have included the first ever Tweet, a digital painting called the first 5000 days and the “disaster girl” meme photo. All of these sales have generated thousands of pounds worth of revenue for the original owners.

It’s all very complicated, but one way of looking at it is that anyone can buy a print of the Mona Lisa, but only one person owns the original.

What happens in the Charlie bit my finger video?

2 brothers are sat with each other. One puts his finger near the others mouth and he bites it. Both little boys giggle and they do it again until it really hurts.

“ahhh Charlie”
“Charlie bit me”
“Ouch Charlie”
“Charlie that really hurt”
“Charlie bit me, and that really hurt”

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