Can Only See Source Code In Text Field on Klaviyo? We have the solution!

Klaviyo, a popular email marketing platform, has recently made significant changes to its user interface (UI). While the initial appearance suggests that everything remains familiar, users are finding unexpected challenges when they attempt to edit or add text fields in their email campaigns or flows.

The UI Changes: What Has Happened?

At first glance, the Klaviyo interface appears unchanged. However, a closer look reveals a crucial difference: when editing an existing text box or adding a new text field, users are now presented with only the source code field with no option to toggle back to the usual text editor. This change means that the usual WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is not immediately accessible. For those familiar with HTML, this might be a minor inconvenience. However, for users who rely on the visual editor, this change can be daunting and seemingly impossible to navigate.

Can only See Source Code in Text Field on Klaviyo

Text Box Disappeared in Klaviyo: The Initial Panic

The sudden shift has left many users in a state of confusion and frustration. Reports of the “Text Box Disappeared in Klaviyo” have been apparent on user forums, with many assuming the WYSIWYG editor has been completely removed. The immediate visibility of only the source code has led to the misconception that users can only use the source code in Klaviyo to edit their emails.

Finding the Hidden WYSIWYG Editor

After a closer inspection and initial panic, it was discovered that the WYSIWYG editor feature is still available but hidden. This change is not intuitive, which has contributed to the confusion. Here’s how to access the familiar editor:

  • 1. Double-Click the Visual Pane: Instead of editing text in the left-hand editor, you need to interact directly with the visual pane on the right.
    Can only See Source Code in Text Field on Klaviyo - Double Click
    • 2. Toolbar Appears: By double-clicking on the visual element, the toolbar with font type, size, color selectors, and bold options will appear.
      Can only See Source Code in Text Field on Klaviyo Solution
      • 3. Direct Text Editing: You can then edit the text directly within the emailer by clicking the text box and typing.
        Can only See Source Code in Text Field on Klaviyo Solution

        This hidden feature has been a source of frustration for many users who were used to the previous, more straightforward editing process.

        User Reactions and A/B Testing

        The changes rolled out earlier this year have not been applied universally. It appears that Klaviyo is conducting A/B testing or a gradual rollout to identify and fix any issues. This staggered implementation means that not all accounts have the new interface, adding to the confusion as users compare their experiences.

        Common Issues Reported

        • WYSIWYG Missing in Klaviyo: Many users have reported difficulty locating the visual editor, assuming it has been removed entirely.
        • Text Box is Gone in Klaviyo: The disappearance of the text box from the left-hand editor has been a common complaint, leading to confusion over where and how to edit text.

        Understanding Klaviyo Email Marketing

        Klaviyo Email Marketing Logo

        Klaviyo has long been a favorite among email marketers for its robust features and user-friendly interface. The platform offers comprehensive tools for designing, testing, and sending email campaigns. With its recent UI changes, Klaviyo aims to streamline the user experience, though the transition has not been smooth for all users.

        Key Features of Klaviyo Email Marketing

        • Segmentation and Personalization: Klaviyo allows for advanced segmentation, enabling marketers to send highly personalized emails.
        • Automation: Automated workflows can be set up for various triggers, making it easier to manage large email lists.
        • Analytics: Detailed analytics help track the performance of email campaigns, offering insights into open rates, click-through rates, and more.

        Other Recent Backend UI Changes

        In addition to the text editing interface, Klaviyo has introduced other backend changes designed to enhance user experience:

        • Multiple Accounts for Brands and Regions: Users can now manage multiple accounts for different brands and regions within a single universal account. This feature simplifies the management process for businesses operating in various markets.

        Can Only See Source Code In Text Field on Klaviyo – Problem Solved!

        The recent changes to Klaviyo’s email marketing UI, particularly the hidden WYSIWYG editor, have caused some initial confusion and frustration among users. However, understanding how to access the visual editor and being aware of the ongoing rollout process can help alleviate these issues. Klaviyo continues to evolve, offering powerful tools for email marketers, even as it navigates the challenges of implementing new features.

        For those struggling with the new interface, patience and a bit of exploration can reveal the familiar tools they rely on. As Klaviyo continues to refine its platform, user feedback will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

        Can only See Source Code in Text Field on Klaviyo
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        Can Only See Source Code In Text Field on Klaviyo

        Klaviyo have recently made some UI changes that have been leaving some users a little stumped, mainly what appears to be the removal of the text area editor from the left hand editing pane. Worry not, find out where to locate it in our article.
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