Beat My Freight Quote

Bespoke web application, Beat My Freight Quote, has just gone live! Built from the ground up, the website allows users to request quotes from freight agents, for shipping items across the globe.

How Does Beat My Freight Quote Work?

Users can request an Air, Road or Sea quote for their shipment using the form on the website. The website asks for information such as pickup and delivery locations, size, weight and whether or not the shipment has any particular considerations.

Agents can then view these requests in the admin area and provide a quote based on the details submitted.

Users can then view their quotes in their customer area and choose their preferred shipping agent. This is then booked directly with the agent and involves no middle man.

Why is Beat My Freight Quote a bespoke application?

Sometimes you need a system to do something specific. Whilst there are many fantastic apps, 3rd party integrations and plugins available – sometimes they just don’t fit the bill. Beat My Freight Quote requires very specific data and admin operations, hence us building this web application from the ground up. It does exactly what the client needs it to, when the client needs it to. It’s also future proofed for expansion and growth, as we can add additional bespoke elements as and when required.

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