Recently we have seen increasing amounts of businesses promoting their Facebook accounts, but have they been set up in the correct way?

We have seen businesses setting up Facebook accounts as the business, and asking fans to follow them/be friends with them, this is not a Facebook page for business and will most likely result in fewer followers due to fans not wanting to add you as a friend to their account.

With the security settings now on facebook, if you do set up your business as a new Facebook account rather than a Facebook Business Page, the chances are most of the information you are posting will be withheld from those wanting to view more about your business.

To create a business page you must first have a facebook account of your own. You dont have to add friends or really use this personal account if you don’t want to. Note: People/Fans/Followers will not know that your business page, once setup, is connected to your personal account and cannot access personal posts.

Setup of a Business Page – The Basics

Visit and register for an account, filling in the requested information.

Once you have done this visit and select the correct option to suit your business/product. Fill in the required details and if you are happy with the Terms and Conditions, click “Get Started”

You will then have to populate your page with images, business information and posts.

When you are posting on your business page, check at the top right that it states your business name and image, rather than your personal name and image. This ensures you are then posting as your business and not yourself.

To flick between your personal account and the business page, click the small arrow in the top right, this will allow you to select who you want to use Facebook as.

Users will now be able to access your page without having to become your friend in order to see updates. Users will be able to like your page and encourage others to like you too. Updates will appear on your fans timeline.

If you need any help with your Facebook marketing please get in touch, we offer packages on Social Media Training and help with the management of accounts.

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