A lot has changed within the digital marketing sector since we started Design that fits all those years ago.

Social media has become a dominating force, with giants Facebook, Instagram and Twitter having billions of active users between them; Website and e-commerce development has shifted from being largely bespoke projects, to implementing open-source solutions that provide a wealth of out of the box functionality.

As we approach our 14th birthday we decided it was time to give the business it’s long overdue face lift.

We’ve been planning the brand refresh for several months now, and we’re finally in a position to launch the changes. Over the coming days & weeks you will see the new brand rolled out across the website, social media and the rest of our digital presence.

The business name has been shortened to “DTF”, and we’ve added “Digital” into the name as it resonates more with the type of work that we do. And so…

Design that fits is becoming…

The logo reflects a much cleaner, focused look for the business, and we’re itching to see it out in the wild. Following the brand refresh we’ll be launching our 2020 marketing strategy, with some exciting service additions planned for the business, we’ll announce these over the course of the next 12 months!

DTF Digital